Trapese is available for talks workshops
and trainings at book shops, community venues, colleges,
universities and festivals and many more.
To arrange an event or find out about where we will be, contact us.


October 31st-Nov 4th
Radical Economics Seminar, Escanda, Asturias, Spain
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November 21st-23rd 2008 Workshops at the People and Planet Conference, Birmingham

March 22nd -26th 2009
Course: Do it yourself, exploring tools for self empowerment, and grassroots social change./em>
We are very pleased to have been invited to facilitate a 5 day course at Findhorn Foundation College to expand and explore ideas from Do it yourself

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For 2009
Throughout the year we will be organising further trainings, events and meetings,
please contact us for more information

Workshops we offer
The workshops that we deliver are planned
according to group interests and needs.
Topics we offer include:

  • Climate change
  • Migration and borders
  • Privatisation and PFI
  • The G8 and the global economy
  • Practical steps to low impact living

Sessions can take many forms including:

  • Understanding key issues
  • How to set up self-managed spaces (social
    centres, cafes, infopoints)
  • Developing community campaigns
  • Action planning and taking direct action
  • Decision making skills
  • Media work and communicating ideas
  • Informal sessions and pub quizzer

What people have said about our workshops

"Participants were always encouraged to
think and find answers themselves"

Billy, participant at Woodcraft Folk Group

"The games were both fun and thought
provoking, a great session"

Anna, Leeds University student

“A refreshing look at the climate crisis that
left me with hope that something could
be done!"

Pat, Manchester