About Trapese

Trapese is a Popular Education collective who
offers workshops and training aimed at inspiring
and promoting action for changing our world.
TRAPESE stands for 'Taking Radical Action through
Popular Education and Sustainable Everything!' Our
work involves interactive workshops, games, films,
trainings, and action/campaign planning sessions.
We aim to provide opportunities for children, young
people and adults to explore the big issues of our
time. Our work focuses on practical steps to inspire,
inform and enable action, and how to develop
workable alternatives.
We are a not for profit collective motivated by a
passionate belief in the power of learning together.
Set up in 2004, Trapese toured the UK working with
over 100 groups exploring issues of the G8, the
global economy and climate change.

Popular Education Gathering 2008

In January we are organising a 2 day meeting to reflect
network and strategise around our experiences and applications
of popular education, please contact us if you would like to attend

What is popular education?
Emerging from a rich history interwoven with
social movements from around the world, Popular

  • develops critical awareness of the world we live in;
  • promotes social and environmental justice over
    economic gain;
  • values creative and emotional knowledge rather
    than just facts;
  • encourages everyone to learn and get involved in
  • supports inspiring alternative.

The book editors are:

Kim Bryan who also works with Escanda, a sustainable living project in Spain where she is involved in anti-globalisation and permaculture educational projects. She has over 10 years of campaigning experience on a variety of issues including climate change.

Paul Chatterton who teaches and researches autonomy and international politics at Leeds University and is also involved in a social centre, housing co-operatives and Kiptik (Zapatista solidarity group).

Alice Cutler who campaigns and works with educational projects on climate change and migration issues, teaches English to asylum seekers, and is involved in the Cowley Club social centre in Brighton.

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